Thursday, January 12, 2023

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LEADING TOGETHER: Small Things Matter

A principal is not a position of power but a place for demonstrating enlightened leadership, in every small ways. This way what principal is will be imbibed within the leadership character of teachers and then to students. 

One of my leadership style is to sit and work together with my colleagues not by displaying authority of power or position but as friends. I try to make them feel connected, friendly and welcome by connecting to them, visiting their workplace and joining them in all social gathering.

I try not to make them feel free to enter my office like they enter their home, trying to ensure that they have no hesitance or fear to come to me to ask for leave, help, discussion or any other reasons. 

I never lose temper upon my colleagues or be vengeful even if they fail to perform as per my aspiration, rather I have tried to communicate to understand the circumstances, knowing that they too are human, and mistakes they make is opportunity for me to redirect them.

To sing together like horde of wolves to celebrate, to laugh to a conversation  together, to debate and discuss common matters over a birthday party, to work together at brush cutting, to evaluate examination papers as a team, to visit ailing colleague or a neighbour, and make a pilgrimage together are opportunities I have to practice leadership with my staff.

It is only by working together like friends, yet maintaining the spirit of responsibility and accountability that we can rejoice working as a family. This is but my style of leadership.



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