Friday, August 5, 2022

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When I learn about intellectuals who bad mouth about me behind my backs and about other people’s matters, I feel pity how their graduation academic certificates failed to make them great minds. 

How much do you know about my life from childhood to schools to colleges to marriage to career to habits and experiences I have lived through to believe in your talk about me? You only know what you heard and thought you saw!

Eleanor Roosevelt, an American diplomat and social activist said in one of her inspiring speech that-

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

You don’t realise your talk about people and events, even ideas will relate to your own experience in life. No matter how factual and convincing you can be, that is your perspective, a sad perspective you waste time on. 

If you talk about someone’s life and work, attitude and behaviour, to your friends and family, it’s talking about other people. What do we get and how do we contribute towards their life’s wellbeing by talking about others? 

We should know that there are greater things to think; about policies and politics, laws and limitations, ideologies and philosophy, than bicker about others. It is a sign of wiser person to know that small remarks and conclusions we make about other peoples’ life in a group or to someone can have detrimental effect on them. 

Jeff Haden, a motivational speaker and professor at of Madison University write that ‘Emotionally intelligent people keep their feelings in check and embrace or at least put aside the discomfort..’ they would create for themselves or others by not learning beyond ignorance. The reason we talk others is because we get moved by emotions of other people. We do not know the history and experiences, the why and how beyond about the circumstance yet we become emotionally reactive.

It is a natural instinct for human being to socialize and gossip, and gossip to be mostly about other people. Our Stone Age ancestors indulged in similar plain talks. They had lesser capacity like thinkers to delve into profound thoughts. Some of us are intellectuals and academicians, doctors and teachers, leaders and parents, yet our mental behaviour is close to our hairy an ancestors.

When we become carriers of messages of other people, talking about other people, we lose sight of greater ideas and events to discuss for greater good. The small talks can disrupt other peoples’ homes, heart  and life. 

If we cannot stand as prove of evidence, if we cannot be clairvoyant, if we cannot rest others intent, past life and life today, we may only be becoming a hypocrite who makes assumptions. As intellectuals we must know that what we hear, read, see and become part of, even if hundreds tells, is part of the whole world of other persons.

I would read a good book or rather keep silent than to bicker about people.



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